Steve Kimball is an actor. . . . but that's only in his own head. He's been featured in several TV programs (mostly in the background) as a pirate at a festival or faire. Since 2013, he's occasionally turned himself into Dr. Zaius, his favorite character from Planet of the Apes.

The first time he donned the outfit was at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in 2013. He seemed a bit "out of time" which only added to the gag. He was stopped over and over again for photos.
In 2014, Steve again donned his Dr. Zaius duds and spent yet another fours hours applying his own make up and appliances and hair and wigs, in order to cover Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con for his new Periodical, Cos & FX Magazine, (previously he'd produced the very popular The Pyrates Way, Faire Magazine, and The Concordium).

At WW Philly, Steve won the cosplay award "Best Male Villain" but not before appearing in Bestow Productions' Creative Continuity and Bonus Content internet series'. He's been found as Zaius at Wicked Faire, NC Comiccon, Katsucon, and Farpoint.
In 2014 Steve launched the website which led to the creation of Ape Planet Magazine, released in early 2015, which he runs entirely on his own from writing to photography to ad sales and marketing.