Laird Macintosh is an American actor. He is best known as the host of the NBC reality television program Treasure Hunters. Among his credits is the television series Hannah Montana, on which he portrayed a Secret Service agent.

According to Apemania, "Recreating the great Maurice Evan's role of Dr. Zaius is multi-talented Actor Laird Macintosh. Laird is quite the seasoned performer, with an extensive background in all aspects of the performing arts. An accomplished magician , incredibly fast quick-change artist, and fabulous impressionist, Laird is truly the "Keeper of the Dialogue" for APEMANIA."
A Tribute to John Chambers was a dual 75th birthday party and 30th anniversary of the production of Planet of the Apes, the film which brought makeup designer/creator John Chambers an honorary Academy Award. Laird recreated Dr. Zaius for this evening of celebration.